“She Was There For Me When I Was A Nobody” – Ini Ucapan Menyentuh Hati Lee Chong Wei Buat Isteri

Pemain badminton, Datuk Lee Chong Wei mengakui bersyukur apabila dipertemukan dengan isterinya, Datin Wong Mew Choo.

Menerusi sebuah entri di akaun Instagramnya (IG), Chong Wei menjelaskan isterinya merupakan sumber inspirasinya untuk berjaya dalam bidang sukan.

“Today is 1st of May. Labour Day and also the birthday of the most important person in my life. Poor her, non stop working for my family, even on Labour Day.

“Ever since I met her during our teenage years, I knew I met the most beautiful girl in my life. Little I knew she had the most beautiful heart as well.

“Many said its lucky to be Lee Chong Wei’s missus . But let me get it straight, it’s due to her that Lee Chong Wei is who he is today. I owe her so much.

“She was there for me when I was a nobody. She inspired me to work harder. She carried me during my darkest hours due to illness and she gave me the two little precious naughty rascals, Kingston and Terrance. Lucky me, isn’t it .

“Happy birthday, my lovely Wife. I promise you I won’t leave you so early yet. Let’s grow old together and celebrate many many more birthday of yours. Oh ya, with that two monkeys. Haha,” tulisnya.

Chong Wei dan isterinya Wong Mew Choo mendirikan rumah tangga pada 9 November 2012 dan dikurniakan dua cahaya mata iaitu Kingston, 6, dan Terrance yang kini berusia empat tahun.

Apapun, kami harapkan Datuk Lee Chong Wei terus bahagia di samping keluarga tersayang.

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Sumber : Instagram leechongweiofficial via Gempak via beritasteady

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